6 Medical Reasons People Choose Adjustable Beds

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For the bulk of recent human history, beds and mattresses have been flat, rectangular objects. Sure, there were exceptions; the hammock comes to mind, and there have always been designers interested in breaking the bed from its rectangular mold.

Luckily, both mattresses and bases have evolved so that adjustable beds are both affordable and more comfortable than ever. But why would someone want one? Isn't it much more natural to want a bed that simply lies flat, with the only elevation needed being a pillow?

While most of us have slept on flat beds all of our lives, there are many situations in which a person might want an adjustable bed. Sometimes it's for medical reasons, other times for leisure. Today we're going to take a look at why people stop by our Bozeman mattress store seeking out our adjustable beds for medical reasons.

But First…

Before you search for “mattresses near me” and stop in for a locally made mattress with accompanying adjustable bed, please understand that what we’re talking about below isn’t medical advice. While we’ve seen people stop by to help treat certain ailments, you should make sure that your doctor approves. Everyone’s medical history and diagnosis is different, and we can’t say that what’s worked for others will be what’s right for you. Consult your doctor.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the medical reasons that people choose an adjustable bed.

Chronic Pain

Unfortunately, more people than ever are suffering from chronic pain. Part of it is because people are simply living longer, and another aspect are the aging baby boomers. Plus it’s not just the elderly who are experiencing pain, but those who have been injured or have medical issues that affect their muscles, bones, or joints.

Adjustable beds are an excellent option for those who have chronic muscular and tendon pain, such as in the back, hip, or shoulder. When you’re able to adjust your bed into a position that alleviates the pain, the pressure from certain spots is relieved. That could mean that there’s not as much need for painkillers and you’ll be able to sleep more comfortably.

Acid Reflux

Nearly everyone has experienced acid reflux at one time or another, and a simple antacid often calms the gastric distress caused by acidic pizza sauce or spicy Mexican food. But if acid reflux is a constant part of your life, you might have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). One situation that can trigger GERD is if a person lies down within a few hours of eating, which isn’t the most uncommon occurrence if someone takes a nap or has a late supper.

Getting an adjustable bed is one way of dealing with acid reflux and full-blown GERD. By sitting up in bed instead of laying down, the acid is more likely to stay where it belongs, which is down in the stomach.

Restricted Circulation

Few of us think about it, but the heart has to work hard in order to fight gravity. When it’s pumping blood to the brain, it has to move it two additional feet vertically. And while the blood might get to the feet just fine, the heart is also using the veins to pump blood four feet back up and fighting gravity all the way.

If someone has restricted circulation or swollen feet, an adjustable bed might be just what they need to feel comfortable again. Adjustable beds can raise the feet, assisting in circulation. Wonderfully, such beds can elevate someone’s head and feet at the same time!

Breathing Issues

All of us have had a cough that has kept us up in the middle of the night, and the most-common way that people get to sleep is by sitting up and packing pillows behind their back. It can be similar for people who have a stuffy nose and find it easier to sleep while sitting up.

While that’s good for the occasional cough or cold, some people have chronic breathing problems that can be helped by purchasing an adjustable bed. These include asthma, COPD, and emphysema. An adjustable bed can also be a step to dealing with sleep apnea, and some people find that it helps address snoring as well.

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Getting In and Out of Bed

Sometimes simply getting in and out of bed can be difficult for someone. Perhaps they are old or have a disability, and the adjustable mattresses at our Bozeman mattress store are kind of like lift chairs. When getting in, they come up to meet the person instead of the person having to make a dramatic vertical change in one motion. When getting out, they assist people with part of the act of rising.


After a surgery, adjustable beds can help by addressing many of the problems we’ve mentioned above. They help people get into comfortable positions, and can help them get in and out of bed. Being able to adjust the mattress can also help with circulation issues, because when someone is in a bed for most of the day it’s good to move about as much as possible. Adjustable beds can also help someone sit up to eat if they’ll be having most of their meals in bed.

You might wonder why someone would purchase an adjustable bed for the few weeks that it might take to recover from surgery. Unfortunately, many people require multiple surgeries in a lifetime and may know that more are on the horizon. For instance, a person in a car crash might heal from the life-threatening wounds and know that there are many surgeries in their future. If that’s the case, getting an adjustable bed simply makes sense.

Check Out Our Adjustable Beds!

If your doctor agrees that an adjustable bed could help your medical problems, we look forward to seeing you here in our Bozeman, MT mattress store. We can help you choose which type of mattress would work best for you, including our natural latex mattresses, memory foam, and zippered pocketed coil mattresses.

Adjustable beds come with a long list of features that can make your life easier that go beyond simple adjustments, and we’d love to show them to you. Stop by our mattress shop today!