The "Bed In A Box" Movement

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What is the deal with the "bed in a box" movement? Is it good? Bad? When it comes to sleep, there is a sense in which we believe, "do what works for you!". However, while the price and convenience can look quite attractive, there are some things to consider before buying a mattress online.

First, they are generally built around a "one firmness fits all" business model. Under the best of circumstances, sleepers have a very wide variety of mattress needs. Any time one adds in physical concerns such as long-term illness, back, hip or shoulder issues, the necessity of the mattress being right increases. Feel that you need a firm mattress, and tempted to order that Firm mattress online? There is no firmness scale across the mattress industry, so how do you know that Firm will meet your definition of firmness? The stories of someone ordering mattresses online that ended up feeling nothing like what the customer thought they were ordering are very common.

One key component of the "bed in a box" marketing is that the focus tends to be on high quality for bargain prices. While we won't discuss specifics, we have had the opportunity to look at many of these mattress models as they come through the recycling program, and without fail the quality of the components just doesn't match up to the claim that was made about the bed. In addition, it's becoming more common to see labels that indicate materials were made overseas rather than in the U.S..

Finally, if one does decide to try one of these mattresses and it doesn't work out from a comfort or a durability issue, some of the companies make the process of returning or exchanging the bed a barrier that can be difficult to navigate through.

So, our advice? Shop locally. Come into our showroom and lie down on some mattresses and see how your body reacts to them. Our experienced salespeople will listen to your needs and your input as you test mattresses, and guide you to a variety of options that can fit your needs. Find you needed something different than you thought? Come back into the showroom and work face to face with those same salespeople. We are here for you, no "waiting for the next available representative" on the phone – real people in your community. Our goal is not just to sell you a bed, but to provide quality products that give you quality sleep.