Custom RV Mattresses Can Make Sleeping In Vehicles Easier

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In our previous article, we discussed some of the most common reasons that people might want a custom mattress for their home. Sometimes they made the bed frame themselves and are in need of a custom-made mattress that fits perfectly. Other people are dealing with antique bed frames that were built before mattress sizes were standardized. Still others might need a mattress made into an odd shape, with a circular mattress being the most common. But a home with a street address is not the only place that people are needing made-to-order mattresses.

Sometimes people spend more time than they would like to in a vehicle, thanks to commutes or deliveries. But more and more people are choosing to spend more time in their vehicles. Sometimes it’s just overnight on a fishing trip, while others might spend weeks at a time in their vehicle on a cross-country journey. Still others live in their RV year-round, having long since given up being tied down to a property. Here are the ways in which Mattress Mill in Bozeman can help put a premium mattress in just about any vehicle.

The prefect mattress

Custom RV Mattresses

Much like the antique bed frames we mentioned above, it took quite some time before RVs standardized the size of their mattresses. You won’t be surprised to know that the dimensions of an Airstream are different from those of a modern RV behemoth. In fact, because of the unique shape of RVs and their interest in making the absolute most of every space, odd-shaped mattress are still fairly common. Unfortunately, RV manufacturers will often skimp on the quality of the mattress in order to save money, because they know that the mattress isn’t the true selling point. So when it comes time to replace your mattress (which might be sooner rather than later if your back started hurting too much), Mattress Mill can create one for you from a number of comfortable and supportive materials.

Truck Bed Mattresses

Not all pickup truck beds are the same width, and they’re certainly not built with mattresses in mind. If you love going camping but hate putting the tent up every time, a custom-made mattress that’s built specifically for your truck bed is a great option. If you can’t quite fit a queen mattress (because of the wheel wells) and a single mattress just isn’t comfortable enough to sleep two, come to your local mattress store and we’ll make it work with a custom mattress.


Not happy with the options you are offered in standard mattresses for you 18-wheeler? We don't blame you. Sure, driving for 10 hours a day can be bad for your back, but maybe your real back problems are because of the typical semi mattress with a cheap innerspring. The next time you have to replace your mattress, come check out what we have to offer. We can duplicate many of our full-size mattress options and customize them for your big rig bedroom, including foam, natural latex, and pocketed coil mattresses.

Cubes, Pop-Ups, and Buses

There's no end to the types of vehicles that people retrofit in order to spend their leisure time in. Honda Elements, Nissan Cubes, VW Buses, and old school buses all have space for a bed, and we can make those beds as comfortable as possible. After all, when you're away from home, you should be enjoying each and every night's sleep. You shouldn't be pining for your home bed, so make sure that your vehicle's bed is as comfortable as possible.

Let Mattress Mill Create Your Custom RV Mattress

As you can see, there are many different scenarios in which a person might come to us for a custom mattress, whether it's being used in an RV, bus, semi-truck, or pickup truck. The custom shape and size can ensure that you're filling the space perfectly.

Even more important, people who are traveling are sleeping more comfortably than ever before. The features you'll find on many of our mattresses can translate to smaller or oddly-shaped ones as well, ensuring that you can get the same good night's sleep on the road as you do when you're at home.

If you need a premium mattress when you travel, we'd love to talk to you. Because we have the factory right here in Bozeman, Montana, we can create your mattress in as few as three weeks. (Most custom mattresses from other companies take eight weeks or more.) Stop by or call us today to get the process started!