How Custom Mattress Needs Change During Our Lives

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When you step into our Bozeman mattress store, we want to find you the perfect mattress. To do so, we know how important it is to listen to you, and we can’t make assumptions based on you simply walking through the door. Just because you have a small child in tow doesn’t mean you’re looking for a twin mattress, and just because you pulled up in an RV doesn’t mean you’re looking for a custom-made mattress to fit it.

But once we start to get to know you a bit better and understand what you’re looking for, there are suggestions we can make that could improve your sleep and make your life better. Our mattress needs change over the years, and considering people spend a full third of their life sleeping, it just makes sense to check out all of the options that are available to you.

You might not think about it much, but our needs really do change as we age. Here are the ways that our sleeping habits and requirements might change over the years.

Kids’ Mattresses

Kids tend to sleep alone, so a twin mattress tends to be all that a standard kids’ bedroom can easily hold. In general, kids aren’t too picky and can sleep just about anywhere and on anything. They are also amazingly tough and resilient, because it’s not often that you hear a kid complaining about their back after sleeping on the wrong mattress!

But kids’ mattresses should still be high quality, and that’s what our Bozeman mattress factory store offers. Kids are often rough on their mattresses, and yes, we mean jumping on the bed! And while a mattress should be replaced about once every 10 years, we know that most parents are going to be using the same one from the time the kid is three until they’re 18 and head to college. Buying a better innerspring coil mattress now could keep your kid comfortable for longer.

"The Young Married” Mattresses

Here’s the thing about young, married people: they’re young! So, like the kids, they’re less likely to be complaining about sore backs and muscles when they get out of bed. They’re also looking for a bed that doesn’t move much when the other person does, in case one of them is a restless sleeper or an early riser.

But newlyweds are still looking for something comfortable and not terribly expensive, because they don’t quite have the money for the extra-luxurious mattress. They’re also interested in something flippable, because they want to extend the life of the mattress as they’re just starting out.

That’s where something like our pocketed coil mattress comes in. We have five different levels of pocketed spring mattresses in five different sizes, and they’re flippable for a longer life. We have also added extra padding so that everyone is comfortable all night long. Our mattress store in Bozeman offers the best pocket spring mattress around.

“The Long-Married” Mattresses

Most people who have slept together for years will be accustomed to the movement of the other person. But as they reach their 40s, 50s, and 60s, they just can’t sleep on “any old mattress” anymore, because if they do it’s going to lead to back and neck pain. It’s at this point that many people will begin considering a premium mattress like one of our zippered pocket coil mattresses. Both of these types of mattresses are all about delivering the right comfort to different parts of the body.

Zippered pocket coil mattresses have a top layer that can be unzipped to allow different types of inserts to be used. This means that each side of the bed can be adjusted to deliver firmer or softer sleeping surfaces. These inserts are easy to replace and switch out, which means your bed can change as your needs do.Stop By Our Bozeman Mattress Store!

No matter how old you are, Mattress Mill has the custom mattress you’re looking for, and we bet you’ll like the price, too. Stop by 8383 Huffine Lane in Bozeman today, or give us a call!