How Does Air Support Work in Adjustable Air Mattresses

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While our zipper top mattresses offer far more versatility than the average mattress in allowing
individuals to both set up or change the level of firmness of the bed, air mattresses have long been the pinnacle of that adaptability. Not only can you choose the latex or memory foam inserts that go over the air chambers, but you can also change the support firmness at will with the press of a button.

Adjustable air mattresses have traditionally allowed sleepers to adjust each side of the mattress independently of the other. If one person wants it soft and the other wants it firmer, it's easy to address. Mattress Mill's system offers this same feature but takes it much further. It's a zoned system, which means that each air chamber is set up so that the head and foot regions are connected, yet separate from the center section. That means that the center zone and head/foot zone are independently adjustable.

This allows each sleeper to fine tune the mattress to exactly what is right for their body and is especially helpful to anyone dealing with a variety of physical issues. Need it softer for the shoulders, but firmer to accommodate a back issue? No problem. Maybe you need it softer in the center area to cradle those sore hips? Do it! Not dealing with any physical concerns, but have had trouble finding the right mattress for you? The air system's versatility makes it a fantastic option.

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You might think that this sounds complicated. It's not! The quiet pump comes with a control for each side of the mattress. A screen on the hand control shows you the firmness level of the zone that you chose using the zone button. You then have buttons that raise or lower the air pressure in the chamber, and a button for "memorizing" your every night settings. The firmness's range from a low of 10 to a high of 99, and can be changed in increments of one.

Because each sleeper is on a separate chamber, our air system is a great choice if one is looking for a mattress that reduces the transfer of motion from one side to the other.

We build two models using the same air system: Infinity Gold and Infinity Platinum. The functionality of the air is the same for both. They vary only in the design of their comfort layers.

If you are considering an adjustable firmness mattress because of the versatility that it offers, one thing to contemplate before making a purchase is adding an adjustable base into the equation. Air mattresses work extremely well with adjustable bases, and the combination of zonal firmness changes and positional changes is a fantastic duo.

If you are looking for an air mattress, stop by our Bozeman showroom today to learn more about our locally made mattress options!