Leisure Uses For An Adjustable Bed

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In our most recent blog, we discussed the many medical reasons that people choose adjustable base beds, which are beds that allow the mattress to move into positions that make someone more comfortable (Click here to check out our most popular models in adjustable beds.) Many people with chronic pain choose adjustable beds, as do those who are recovering from an injury or surgery. They can also be an excellent help for those who are suffering from breathing problems or have frequent acid reflux. They’re also great for the elderly, whether because they have circulation problems or simply have a hard time getting into or out of bed.

But medical maladies aren’t the only reason that people choose one of our custom-made mattresses and adjustable bed bases from our Bozeman, Montana mattress store. With beds becoming more malleable, people are choosing them more and more for leisure reasons. Let’s take a look at why you might pick an adjustable-base bed, just for the fun of it!

Watching TV

When televisions came out, they were huge pieces of furniture that cost two month’s pay and quickly became the center of attention in the living room. For decades, most houses had only one television, and the televisions that made their way into bedrooms were the black and white ones that were kicked out of living rooms in favor of color models.

That all changed in the last decade as TVs got bigger, lighter, thinner, and less expensive. Now every room can have an amazing television in it, and that includes the bedrooms. Why would someone head down to the main floor and try to wrest the TV remote away from someone else when they can just as easily stay in bed and watch the same programming on a television that is just as good?

Adjustable beds are a great option if you find yourself watching more and more television in bed. Instead of propping yourself up with pillows and constantly readjusting them, why not get a local-made mattress that you can put into just about any position via remote?

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Using a Smart Device

While we’re on the subject of “the way things used to be,” let’s talk about the way that people used to get online. Until the mid-2000s, most of us were on dial-up and hearing “grrrrr weeee grrreeeee weepang, wepang” as our phone lines connected to the internet. At that time, most of us were also using desktop computers that had tall towers and 25-pound CRT monitors.

Today, the heaviest computer that most of us use in a bedroom is a lightweight laptop, and even those are becoming less and less common. Smartphones and tablets have mostly taken the place of the laptop, and people are using them for all sorts of things. They play games, they browse the internet, they email, chat, and text. The bed is a quiet place where they can relax and get all of this done, whether it’s when they get up, come home from work and kick off their shoes, or before bed. Since their bed is where they’re spending so much time, an adjustable bed and matching made-in-the-USA mattress just makes the most sense.


Most of us know by now that we shouldn’t be using electronics right before bed. Even if you have a night mode on your device, the information that it’s delivering to you can still get your brain excited and make it harder to fall asleep. That might not be a problem if you’re spending your leisure time in bed earlier in the day, but checking Twitter right before bed can really cause some sleepless nights.

Why not read a book? No matter what time of day it is, reading a book in bed can be a very relaxing experience (as long as it’s not about politics!). Getting an adjustable base bed from your local mattress store can make the experience so much more comfortable, allowing you to get your feet up and your back in a comfortable sitting position.

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The bed has, in many ways, become just another chair in many people’s lives. It’s a place to relax, play, and, to be honest, get away from other people (and there’s nothing wrong with that every so often!). As people spend more time in bed, it just makes sense that it should be as comfortable as possible. And why not? After all, you’ll be comfortable when you’re having leisure time in bed and you’ll also be amazingly comfortable when you return the mattress to its flat position and have a great night’s sleep.

At Mattress Mill, we make the best mattresses around, and we can help you decide on what type will be best for your new adjustable bed base. Stop by to try out our mattresses and see exactly what they can do for your leisure time!