Why Choose a Custom Mattress for your RV?

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When you purchase a house, you don't usually buy new furniture on the same day. In general, you buy a home, and then you fill it with furniture.

But when you're purchasing an RV, you're buying a home and everything else at the same time.

In general, you're trapped with the default options, and the upgrades you're offered are usually to the electronics. Even if they do offer premium mattress upgrades, they're seldom any better than mid-grade traditional mattresses that you can find anywhere.

RV salespeople usually focus on high-tech electronics, the size of the kitchen, the many ways in which the vehicle can expand when it's parked, and all sorts of bells and whistles.

What do you think they forget to mention?

That the mattress that comes with it is cheap, uncomfortable, and poor quality.

Just because you're in an RV doesn't mean that you're sleeping any more or less than you might at home.

Why choose a custom RV mattress?

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1) Comfort Matters

Default RV mattresses are cheaper, but they aren't good. They give out quickly, don't provide any support, and they're not comfortable.

2) The Ever Changing RV Sizes

RV sleeping spaces are very different from the average bedroom.

Recreational vehicles get bigger or smaller depending on the model, and RV designers are always trying to maximize space in the interior.

These compromises often end up changing the size of the bed, which leads to hundreds of different odd-shaped mattresses across all manufacturers since the invention of RVs.

While you'd be able to fit a queen-size bed into any bedroom from the last hundred years, you'd never get a standard queen to work in most RVs from the past.

There's a good chance that you'll need a custom RV mattress when you replace your current one.

3) RV Manufacturers Want You Back

RV designers are not required to make their bed conform to one of the six standard home mattress sizes, so a little trim here and there might make it look like a queen bed...but it's not.

This gives manufacturers one more way to get you back in the store in the future.

Because they're the only ones who are selling that exact size, you'll come back to them for the replacement.

Unfortunately, they'll probably just sell you the same lackluster mattress again.

Why upgrade to a custom RV mattress?

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Let's explore why a custom RV mattress is so essential for your vehicle:

  • Vacations are to Rest and Restore

Sleeping poorly while on vacation not only ruins the purpose of the trip but also leaves you with no energy to enjoy the quality time you were looking for in the first place.

  • RV vs. Hotel Room dilemma?

Not anymore. While hotel beds are usually more comfortable than the standard RV ones, you can just get a great mattress and forget about those expensive rooms.

  • Everything Else in an RV is a Downgrade

Don't get us wrong, we love the RV lifestyle. But let's face it, everything is a little step down from living at home. And while you can deal with a smaller kitchen or bathroom, you shouldn't compromise your sleeping.

  • You are Driving

Driving long distances can be so dull that it puts many people to sleep. If you add a miserable night's sleep to the scenario, you're even more likely to fall asleep at the wheel.

RV living is about adventure, big skies, traveling to new cities, nature, and quality time with friends and family. Why compromise your sleep when the plan is to explore and enjoy?

Rest better, be happier, and stay safe by getting a great night's sleep on a premium RV mattress!

To learn more about Mattress Mill Custom RV Mattresses, head to our RV Mattress Section.

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