Who Needs A Custom-Size Mattress?

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Who Needs A Custom-Size Mattress?

For most people, buying a mattress is relatively easy. They know that their old mattress is a queen size mattress, so they find a mattress store in the Bozeman area to replace it. Now they just have to start testing out mattresses and find out which type is better for them. Will it be a pocketed coil mattress? Or one that uses air to adjust the firmness? Since the size is already determined by their bed frame, there's really no need for them to consider a custom size mattress. This is the way that more than 99-percent of people are shopping for mattresses.

But there are special cases.

Sometimes a standard-size mattress just won't fit the needs of a particular customer, because it won't fit the mattress frame (or other space) that they require. This idea might sound strange to some people, but at our Bozeman mattress factory, we custom make mattresses more often than you might think. Here are a few of the most common reasons.

Antique Bed Frames

You probably won't be surprised to know that mattress sizes haven't always been standard. Before the mass production of mattresses, there were more local mattress companies that would offer the bed frame and the mattress as a set, and the dimensions would not match those made by a manufacturer a hundred miles away. Since everyone was buying locally, what was the point of standardizing the sizes?

While the antique mattresses have (thankfully) been discarded over the centuries, the craftsmanship of the bed frames themselves has held up. These old bed frames can truly be works of art, and the fact that they don't support a standard mattress size is certainly no reason to discard them. Having a made-to-order custom mattress is a small price to pay to continue sleeping in such a beautiful piece of furniture.

Sometimes the difference is quite large when it comes to these antique bed frames; the length and/or width doesn't match any modern standards. Other times the difference is small, with the length and width matching but the roundness of the corners having to be altered. Here at our mattress factory and store in Bozeman, we can create a mattress that will perfectly fit odd-size bed frames.

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Hand-Crafted Frames

We know a man in Missouri who built a large log cabin with five bedrooms, right in the middle of the woods. But as big and opulent as the house was, he was still very careful with his money. So when it came to furnishing the home, he looked around and never found the right bed frames that would meet both his price point and the look he was going for (it being a log cabin in the middle of the woods, after all). So, of course, he cut down some of the surrounding trees and made bed frames out of them.

It happens here, too. This being Montana, you can probably guess that we see our share of these weekend carpenters who are building their own beds. We have the wood and we have the work-with-your-hands population, so someone coming in with the exact dimensions they need for a frame they built themselves isn't out of the ordinary.

Why didn't they just build them to standard sizes? Sometimes it's because they had a very specific size in mind due to the dimensions of the room. Other times they might have measured once and cut once, when they should have measured twice (and they're not going to cut down another tree just to replace a log they cut too short). And finally, sometimes it's just "don't tell me what size to make a bed frame." We can respect that.

If you bring us the dimensions you need for a custom-built bed frame, we're more than happy to help by manufacturing the made-to-order mattress you need. We'll probably ask you some questions about how the measurements were taken to verify that there won't be any problems (rounded corners come to mind once again). We can even take the measurements ourselves. Then we'll get it to you faster than you might think, which is just one of the advantages of working with a local mattress store that also has a factory supporting it.

Odd Shapes

Some bed frames have odd sizes, but then there are some that are of an odd shape. Not many people come in looking for a completely round mattress, but when they do we're happy to create one for them. (With round mattress, you can never wake up on the wrong side of the bed, we'd guess.) Need a triangular mattress? Hexagon? One shaped like the state of Montana? Or maybe you have a very small bedroom and out of one corner juts a vertical HVAC vent, so you need a mattress with a corner notch removed. Talk to us and we bet we can provide the custom shape mattress you're looking for.
Let Us Help Create Your Custom Mattress!

At our Bozeman mattress store, we have a huge advantage that most other mattress shops don't: we have a factory. Because we're making all of our mattresses locally — mattresses made in the USA — we can create custom mattress sizes and shapes that others just can't offer. Not only that, but they'll be made to the highest standards possible and the best materials available. If you need a custom mattress, stop by today to let us know just what you want. You'll be sleeping better in no time!