Custom Beds

Mattresses for those unique needs.

We know it can be hard to find an odd-sized mattress to fit a tough spot. Our custom-sized specialty products make that task simpler. Learn more about each of our additional mattress products below.

Custom Size Mattresses

Maybe you have a tough-to-fit antique bed frame, or you’re looking for a mattress with curves or angles for your boat, truck or RV. We can help you by building that one-of-a-kind mattress for your unique sleep space.

RV Mattresses: Relaxation on the Road

Whether it’s a quick weekend in the woods with a pop-up camper or a road trip in the RV, you go out to enjoy yourself. What better way to completely relax than awaking ready for more adventure after a good night’s sleep?

Browse our selections, made with everything from innersprings to foam. Improve your sleep while you’re out for some RV R&R.

Day Beds/Trundle Pop-up

Maximize the space of your guest room with the versatility of our pop-up trundle bed system. For a single sleeper that doesn’t need much space, use just the daybed as a Twin. For a couple, roll out the pop-up trundle and use it in conjunction with the daybed to make a king-width bed. Need a couple Twin sized beds for separate sleepers? Use the daybed and pop-up trundle separately as individual beds! All of that versatility in a system that will take up the footprint of a Twin sized mattress.

Foam Blocks and Mattresses

Foam blocks are practical for a variety of uses, from replacing foam in couch or chair cushions, to being used as a low profile mattress on a custom sleeping platform with minimal headroom. We keep a variety of foam samples and firmness’s in our Bozeman showroom for you to explore. You choose your type of foam and the firmness, and we bring it in sized to your specific dimensions. Need a foam wedge to raise the head of your mattress a few inches? That’s an option as well!

Looking for something a little more finished than a raw block of foam? Have it covered with one of the many quilting materials we use on our other mattresses.

Low-Profile Mattresses: Slim and Supportive

Need a Low-Profile mattress for trundles, bunk beds, window seats, campers or antique bed frames? While a low-profile mattress used to mean that you were in for a long, uncomfortable night, that’s no longer true. Innovations in pocketed coil springs have allowed lower profile mattresses to be durable, comfortable and supportive!

Read on to learn more about our low-profile mattress options.

Pet Beds

Did you know.....we truly have mattresses for the whole family! Fido and Fluffy can sleep in comfort on a new pet bed! Available in small, medium and large sizes, our inexpensive pet pads are made of remnants of the same quilted materials we use for our mattresses!

Looking for something with even more comfort and longevity? Our 30” X 48” dog mattresses have waterproof inner liners to prevent fluid damage. The washable exterior cover is zippered along two sides for easier laundering. That zipper is covered with a flap to protect walls and furniture, and is centered on the sides of the mattress so that it can be safely used on wood floors. The foam covered pocketed coils are especially great for aging joints that need some extra love and care.