Foam Mattresses & Blocks

Foam Mattresses: Convenient Comfort

Every now and then, maybe you find you’d like a little mat to spread out on the floor, under a tent or in the kids’ playroom. Our custom-cut polyurethane foam mattresses give you a comfortable, portable solution for those times when you’d rather not sleep right on the ground or you just need a place to stretch out and rest for a while.

Foam Blocks: Multi-Purpose Material

Looking for something to raise the head of your bed a few inches or want to make that window nook a cozy place to sit and read?

Foam blocks are practical for a variety of uses. We keep a variety of foam samples in our Bozeman showroom for you to explore. Blocks can be sized to your specific dimensions, and even covered with one of the many quilting materials we use on our other mattress styles.