Low Profile Mattresses

Need a Low-Profile mattress for trundles, bunk beds, window seats, campers or antique bed frames? While a low-profile mattress used to mean that you were in for a long, uncomfortable night, that’s no longer true. Innovations in pocketed coil springs have allowed lower profile mattresses to be durable, comfortable and supportive!

Read on to learn more about our low-profile mattress options.

7.5” Pocketed Double-Sided

This foam-encased pocketed coil mattress provides excellent support in a lower profile. With identical upholstering materials on both sides, the double-sided design allows you to flip this mattress for maximum durability.

6.5” Pocketed

Foam-encased, individually wrapped coils reduce motion transfer across the mattress, while providing great support. The upholstering layers on top work in conjunction with the pocketed coil, resulting in a mattress that provides comfort and support in a slim profile.