Low Profile Mattresses

What is a Low Profile Mattress?

Simply put, a low profile mattress has less height than a standard mattress. While it used to be the case that a thin mattress usually meant you were in for a long, uncomfortable night, that’s no longer true. Innovations in innerspring coils have allowed even very slender mattresses to be durable, comfortable and supportive.

Low profile mattresses are a good option for when you don’t need a full thickness mattress but you want more than just an upholstered foam pad. They’re ideal for children’s beds, trundles and bunk beds, window seats, campers or antique bed frames.

Read on to learn more about our low profile mattress options.

7.5” Pocketed Double-Sided

This foam-encased pocketed coil mattress provides excellent support in a trim package. With identical padding and upholstery on both sides, the double-sided design allows you to flip this mattress for maximum versatility.

6” Pocketed

Foam-encased and with a plush layer of high-density foam upholstered into the top, the 6” Pocketed provides comfort and support. Individually wrapped innerspring coils reduce motion transfer across the mattress, and the additional top foam layer gives you extra cushioning between you and the mattress's foundation.