The Complete Guide To Custom RV Mattresses

Custom RV Mattress

Looking for a custom RV mattress? You’re not alone. People come to us all the time looking for replacement camper mattresses, and we’re happy to tell them that we are able to make them a custom — and comfortable — RV mattress to suit their recreational vehicle.

When we say RV, different vehicles come to mind. Some people think of huge Class-A motorhomes, while others imagine a modest fifth wheel trailer. Others are likely to think about a single mattress that fits in a truck bed. These different-size vehicles are all going to require mattresses that can fit into very specific spaces. Our mattress factory can make you the perfect mattress to fit your vehicle, whether it’s old or new, name-brand or so-old-they-don’t-make-them-anymore. When you’re sleeping on one of our custom RV mattresses, we want you to be just as comfortable as you are at home (if not more so!)

Why Are Custom RV Mattresses Necessary?

Default Mattresses Are Cheap

When you went looking at an RV, it’s likely that the salesperson guided you toward all of the fancy amenities it had. They likely had you focus on the high-tech electronics, the size of the kitchen, the many ways in which the vehicle can expand when it’s parked. There are all sorts of bells and whistles that they’ll point out, and sometimes this is to distract you from the cheap mattress that’s included!

When you purchase a house, you don’t usually purchase new furniture on the same day. In general, you buy the home and then you fill it with furniture. But when you’re buying an RV, you’re buying the home and everything else at the same time. In general, you’re trapped with the default options, and the upgrades you’re offered are usually to the electronics. Even if they do offer premium mattress upgrades, they’re seldom any better than mid-grade traditional mattresses that you can find anywhere.

All this to say: standard RV mattresses aren’t very good. They give out quickly and they’re not very comfortable to begin with. Remember, just because you’re in an RV doesn’t mean that you’re sleeping any more or less than you might at home: it’s still a third of your life, so you might as well be as comfortable as possible.

The Ever-Changing RV Sizes

What size of bed do you have at home? There’s a 99.9-percent chance that you have one of six sizes — twin, twin extra long, full, queen, king, or California king. Bedframe sizes have been standardized for a long time, which means that mattress sizes haven’t changed much either.

But RVs are very different from the average bedroom. Recreational vehicles will get bigger or smaller depending on the model, and RV designers are constantly trying to maximize space in the interior. These compromises often end up changing the size of the bed, which leads to hundreds of different odd-shaped mattresses across all manufacturers since the invention of RVs.

While you’d be able to fit a queen-size bed into any bedroom from the last hundred years, you’d never get a standard queen to work in most RVs from the past. There’s a good chance that you’ll need a custom RV mattress when you replace your current one.

RV Manufacturers Want You Back

We were just discussing the ways that RV designers are always trying to make more space in an RV, yet they’re still confined by the width restrictions of the RV itself. What can they do if the bed doesn’t fit exactly in the space? Make the bed a little bit smaller, of course. They’re not required to make their bed conform to one of the six standard mattress sizes, so a little trim here and there might make it look like a queen bed...but it’s not a queen bed!

This gives them one more way to get you back in the store in the future. Because they’re the only ones who are selling that exact size, you’ll come back to them for the replacement. Unfortunately, they’ll probably just sell you the same lackluster mattress again. Luckily you can contact Mattress Mill with the measurements and we can make you get a custom RV mattress that will be much more comfortable and last longer to boot.

What Kind of Custom RV Mattress Do You Need?

Just because you’re in an RV doesn’t mean you have to rough it! In fact, you can be just as comfortable on the road as you are at home thanks to the variety of mattresses we can custom make for your RV. Many can be fitted with zippered tops so that you can adjust the firmness throughout the mattress, a luxury you’re not going to find in our average custom camper mattress!

Pocketed Coil - Pocketed coil mattresses are based on the traditional innerspring, but pocketed coil mattresses have springs that are separated within their own fabric pocket. This makes each pocket much more independent, allowing for better body contouring and less movement when a partner gets up. We craft each pocketed coil RV mattress at our Boseman mattress factory. These mattresses offer long-term durability, comfort, and an excellent temperature-neutral sleeping experience. On top of that, pocketed coil mattresses decrease motion transference so that the movement of a sleeping partner doesn’t transfer to you. We can make a custom pocketed coil RV mattress that you’ll love!

Full Size / Bunk

The materials that make up your custom RV mattress are very important, but so is the location you’ll be putting it in. Some custom RV mattresses are easy to measure, while others (such as stow-away bunks) are more difficult because of the clearance that’s necessary to get them back into hiding. Because we deal with custom-made mattresses for RVs all the time, we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to clearance.

What’s the best way to order a custom RV mattress? While you could measure it yourself, why not let us do it for you? Our experts would be happy to take the measurements and give you advice on the most comfortable sleep experience you’re likely to get from the mattresses throughout your RV.

Why Choose Mattress Mill For Your Custom RV Mattress?

When you need a new mattress for your RV, you’re not going to be able to choose one “off the shelf.” How do you decide which custom RV mattress company to go with? Here are some reasons we think our Bozeman mattress company is worthy of your business.

Truly Custom - While there might be a mattress store on every corner, there aren’t many places that will make you a custom mattress that fits your exact needs. When it comes time to replace your RV bunk mattress or pull-out, we’ll make you a custom mattress that will fit as well as — or even better than — the original.

Made in the USA - Where was your mattress made? If you’re not sure, then you should probably be more careful next time you buy one! Our premium mattresses are made in Bozeman, Montana by our highly trained crew, and we believe it’s one reason that our mattresses hold up so well.

High-Quality Materials - Another reason that our mattresses are so durable is that we use such high-quality materials. No matter what part of the mattress it is — foam, padding, quilting, springs, zippers — we use the best materials so that you’ll be happy with your custom RV mattress.

Variety - Too many custom mattresses companies limit themselves regarding the kinds of mattresses they’re willing to create. At our premium mattress factory in Bozeman, we can offer you the same variety in custom camper mattresses as we do for the bedroom.

Why Make The Upgrade To a Custom RV Mattress?

Is a custom RV mattress really worth it? According to our customers who have had us make our premium custom mattresses for them, yes! Here’s why:

You Want to Enjoy Your Time Away

Imagine you’re on vacation and sleeping on an uncomfortable bed. While the vacation might be fun, there’s also the part of you who just wants to get the uncomfortable nights over with so that you can get back to your own bed. Don’t wish away your vacation because of poor sleep; upgrade to a custom RV mattress and enjoy your nights.

Put the RV vs Hotel Room Decision To Bed

When people choose an RV, they’re making the decision against sleeping in a hotel. But a nice hotel can also have nice beds, which are often more comfortable than the standard beds you’ll find in a new RV.

Instead of waking up with an aching back and wondering “maybe we should have stuck with hotels instead of living in an RV,” get a comfortable RV mattress. That’s something you’ll never regret.

Everything Else In An RV Is A Downgrade

RVs can offer the height of luxury when it comes to living on the road. But in most cases, everything is just a little step down from living at home. The kitchen is smaller, the bathroom is smaller, the television is smaller.

But there’s one thing that you can make just as good as when you’re at home: your bed. How? We can ensure you get the same great night’s sleep as you would in your own bed, because we can duplicate your home bed for your RV!

How is that possible? As long as your bed came from Mattress Mill, we can make your custom RV mattress the same as your home bed. If you have latex at home, we’ll make your RV bed out of latex. If you usually sleep on a pocketed coil, we can create a custom pocketed coil mattress for your RV. It’s that simple!

Who knows, you might even sleep better in your RV than you do at home. If you’re at a campsite, just leave the windows open and enjoy the soothing sounds of nature. Sleep well enough and you might just want to move into your RV full time!

Some People Use Their RV Beds More Than Home Beds

If you use your RV for a single weekend a year, you can probably put up with a couple of bad night’s sleep. We wouldn't recommend it, but we know people do it.

But more and more people are choosing to live in their RVs for longer stretches of time. Sometimes they’re on extended vacations, other times they take the long way to visit the grandkids and then stay in the RV once they get there. Some people live in their RVs full time, which means that they might not even have a bed in a house.

In all of these cases, the extended amount of time that people spend in their RVs means that they’re in need of better mattresses so that they can simply sleep better. Mattress Mill can provide custom-size RV mattress for any recreational vehicle or camper that comes our way.

You’re Driving

Driving long distances can be so boring that it puts many people to sleep. If you add a poor night’s sleep to the scenario, you’re even more likely to fall asleep at the wheel. Stay safer and more alert by getting a great night’s sleep on a premium RV mattress!

Ready To Get the Best Custom RV Mattress Around?

Getting the right custom mattress for a camper might sound like a big deal at first, but here at Mattress Mill we make it as easy as possible. Drive on in and we’ll take care of the measurements for you, ensuring that you’ll get a custom RV mattress that fits perfectly. We tackle custom mattresses all the time, and we’re more than happy to create something for you that will be as comfortable as a mattress can be

We hope you’ll stop by our Bozeman mattress showroom soon so that we can replace your old mattress with one that you’ll be bragging about to everyone else in the RV park. Contact us today, or stop by our mattress store at 8383 Huffine Lane in Bozeman, Montana. We’ll make your RV feel even more like home!