RV and Camper Mattresses

Hit the hay in comfort when you hit the road.

Custom RV Mattress from Mattress Mill

Whether it’s a quick weekend in the woods with a pop-up camper or a long road trip in the RV, you go out to enjoy yourself. What better way to relax completely than awaking ready for more adventure after a good night’s sleep?

If you frequently camp or travel in your RV, you probably wish you could take your home bed with you. A comfortable custom camper mattress can be hard to find, especially considering the awkward dimensions typical of RV mattresses.

Custom Round Mattress from Mattress Mill

We can build you a mattress for your RV from any number of materials, from innerspring to all-latex or memory foam. Rounded corners, low head spaces and odd heights are no problem—everything from a full-sized bed to an RV bunk mattress can be constructed with varying thicknesses, width and length.

We’ve made a lot of RV mattresses, so we can help with your questions as you move through the process. RV and camper mattresses can be made in many styles; stop in to chat about your needs and we’ll be happy to help.