Used Mattress Recycling Program

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From the Bitterroot Mountains to the Big Sky prairies, it’s easy to see how the Treasure State earned its nickname. We, like many others, are thankful to call Montana home, and wish to preserve our state’s natural beauty for everyone’s enjoyment.

In the United States alone, used mattresses create huge headaches in landfills. Approximately 30 million mattresses are disposed of each year, many of which go straight to the landfill, where they jam up compactor machinery and decompose slowly over decades.

Here are a few of the many benefits of mattress recycling:

  • Over 90 percent of the materials in a used mattress can be recycled
  • Mattress recycling reduces the waste stream by millions of pounds annually
  • Foam, cotton and felt materials can be repurposed into carpet padding and insulation
  • Wood frames can be chipped and shredded into landscape mulch
  • Metal mattress springs are easily melted down to be made into new steel products

At Mattress Mill, we’re strong supporters of a clean environment. For years, we’ve recycled our plastic and cardboard byproducts. Now, in addition to our current recycling initiatives, we are partnered with Spring Back Mattress Recycling to do our part to minimize the impact of used mattresses in our waste stream. You can rest easy knowing that your old bed will be recycled instead of ending up in a landfill!!

The Details

Mattress Mill offers two options for recycling your mattresses and box springs.

  1. Mattress Mill picks up your mattresses and box springs to be recycled.
    • Fee of $70 per piece
    • $50 pick-up fee
  2. You bring your mattresses or box springs to Mattress Mill to be recycled.
    • Fee of $70 per piece
    • We accept recycling between the hours of 10-3 Monday through Saturday.
    • Stop by our showroom to begin the process of unloading your recycling pieces.

Read more about Spring Back’s mattress recycling program and job creation initiatives—and don’t hesitate to ask us for more information about the mattress pick-up and recycle process.

Thank you for joining us in this recycling investment! Our efforts will help sustain a cleaner, more beautiful Montana—for you, your neighbors, and all our state’s breathtaking treasures.