Adjustable Air Support Mattresses

Air Support

Our Adjustable Air Support Mattresses have zoned air chambers to give you maximum flexibility and comfort.

We’ve had a long romance with air mattresses.

When we opened our Bozeman shop doors in 1986, we made two styles of bed. An adjustable air mattress was one of them.

When most people hear “air bed,” they probably think of the bare-bones, blow-up rubber camping mattresses. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. Our air support mattresses have all the comforts of an everyday bed—plus the luxury of adaptability.

All it takes is the touch of a button to change your bed’s firmness. A little too stiff? Let some air out. Too soft? Pump air back in to boost your support.

Better yet, our Air Support mattresses feature multiple adjustable zones on each side of the bed. And with tough urethane air chambers and layers of long-lasting Talalay latex and memory foam, your air-adjustable mattress system will give you years of reliable cushioning and comfort.

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