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Adjustable Support

At the touch of a button, adjustable beds put you in charge of your sleep position. 

The ability to change your nighttime posture can be therapeutic for back pain or acid reflux. But many of our customers say they choose this style of bed simply because they spend more time in their bedrooms—watching TV, reading, or browsing the Internet.

Browse compatible mattress styles* below, and find out more about Mattress Mill’s adjustable bed system features.

*Because the flexing action of a motorized base can damage innerspring coil mattresses, our adjustable base systems include our air support, latex, memory foam and zippered pocketed coil products.

Featuring Leggett & Platt Adjustable Bases

We are proud to offer American-made Leggett and Platt electronic frames as part of our product line-up.
These sleek, precision engineered bases are loaded with user-friendly features including:

  • Wallhugger® technology: Keeps the bed at a constant distance from the wall. Your nightstand will always be in reach, even when fully upright
  • Adjustable head and foot sections
  • Backlit wireless remote
  • Under bed lighting
  • Two pre-set positions, plus a memory button to save your favorite position
  • Upper & lower body massage
  • Power reserve returns bed to flat position during a power outage
  • Stylish bases blend seamlessly with other furniture

How Our Adjustable Beds are Different

You choose the mattress you like. We install it right onto the motorized base.

Our Warranty Covers You for the Long Term

While manufacturer warranties on adjustable beds can initially seem generous, usually only the frame is covered after only a few years. Our limited warranty covers the electronics and motors of your system for 10 years

Read more about our general warranty policies here.

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