Blended Talalay Latex Mattress

From soft to extra-firm, blended Talalay latex covers all sleep needs.

Our blended Talalay latex mattress offers you the resilient characteristics of latex—plus the ability to customize your bed for your exact comfort needs.

A blended latex mattress has slightly different qualities from an all-natural latex mattress. A blended latex mattress, made by adding synthetic latex to a natural latex base, results in a bed with consistent firmness, durability and comfort.

The 6-inch blended latex core is capped off with two soft, medium or firm Talalay latex or memory foam toppers.
Finish tailoring your bed’s overall comfort with a zippered panel, covered in a quilted layer of foam and breathable, hypoallergenic New Zealand Joma wool. Available at our Bozeman mattress store.

Dimensions Size
38” x 79.5” Twin XL
53” x 79.5” Full XL
60” x 79.5” Queen
76” x 79.5” King
Mattress Thickness
Foundation Types
Adjustable Base
Comfort Range
Cushioning Options
Memory Foam
Mattress Thickness

Mattress Size Chart

Mattress sizing chart - Mattress Mill Bozeman, MT