King Size Mattress

King Size Mattress

Go big or go home with Mattress Mill’s high quality, comfortable King Size Mattresses. Make the most of your bedroom by purchasing the best bed for families - a King Size. At 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, King Size Mattresses are the largest options available in width when purchasing a mattress.

Do You Need a King Size Mattress?

A King Size Mattress allows for the most space which is found to provide additional room and comfort when getting a good night’s sleep. If you are a couple searching for that new mattress to fit your bedroom, a King size bed may be the perfect option to fill a larger room, however budget and bedroom square footage are not the only factors to consider in your buying journey. If your family is continuing to grow or the kids like to jump in bed to watch tv or have the all too often nightmare then mattress experts may recommend a King Size Mattress.

Meet The Longest Mattress - The California King Mattress

The California King differs from the standard king size by adding an additional 4 inches to its length and narrowing its width by 4 inches with an overall measurement of 72 inches wide by 84 inches long.

Even if you aren’t a big family, a regular King or a California King mattress might be a good fit for you. When considering a King Size Mattress take a look at how big the room is, who is sleeping in the bed, and your lifestyle, then visit our showroom and try it out. Our local Bozeman store is happy to help customers find a mattress fit for a King.

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