Zippered Pocketed Coil Mattresses

Zippered Pocketed Coil

More Than Just a Mattress Pad

You’d be forgiven if you’ve never heard of a mattress with a top panel that unzips.  After all, it’s quite an innovation—and one that many large mattress stores don’t offer their customers.

Combined with our pocketed coil mattress design, which gives you firmness and stability, a zippered top allows you to customize your bed to your sleep needs even years after you’ve brought your new mattress home.

Learn more about zippered tops and their benefits below.

What is a Zippered Panel?

No mere foam bed pad, a zip-open mattress top is integrated into the mattress itself.

Attached to the main body of the mattress with a sturdy zipper, the top panel of the mattress opens up to allow you to access the mattress’s upper layers of foam support. Change, flip or rotate those layers to adjust the overall feel of your mattress.

Does your sleeping partner prefer the bed a bit firmer? No problem—just design your topper with two different firmness zones. If you find that in a few years you need a different firmness, adjust your bed’s support by changing out the cushion layers beneath the zippered cover.

Depending on the model you choose, select from any of the foam types we carry for the interior of the zippered top, including latex, high-density polyurethane foam or memory foam.

Benefits of a Zip-Open Mattress Top

Besides the aspect of being eminently adaptable, our zipper-top mattresses offer several other benefits.

Easy to Freshen.

In Sweden, taking beds outdoors to air out is a beloved spring tradition. Refresh your bed any time you like just by removing the zip-off cover to give the mattress topper materials some air.

Easy to Rotate.

Forget the semi-annual struggle to flip your mattress. To evenly distribute wear you need only rearrange the zip-open panel’s foam cushioning. Visit our Mattress Help Videos to learn just how easy it is to maintain your new mattress.

Comfort Matching.

Combined with our 1-year Comfort Guarantee, the zip-open panel assures you’ll get as close to your perfect mattress as possible.

No Slipping.

Unlike standalone foam mattress pads that are held in place only by your bedsheets, our zippered design makes sure your extra cushioning is securely integrated with your mattress—no more bunched-up memory foam pads at the foot of the bed.

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