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We have never slept so good, and we can’t wait to go to bed at night! We own a guest ranch, and we have guest after guest telling us how comfortable the mattresses are!

Kurt & Melissa P.

Gallatin Valley peeps, if you need a mattress check out Mattress Mill! Affordable, quality, locally made. Have never slept better and paid less than other stores! Truly amazing.

Amy W.

My name is John, and my wife Tillie and I have owned a motel for over 10 years now. Throughout our ownership of this hotel, we’ve used Mattress Mill mattresses and with the comments our customers have made, we don’t plan on switching anytime soon.

Customers are constantly saying how amazing their sleep was in our beds. One customer said that the bed is hard, just the way they like it. Two customers have said the bed is soft, just the way they like it, but almost every customer that has stayed with us has said that the beds were unbelievably comfortable. We also hear many of our customers say how relieved their back pain is after a good nights sleep in these beds. Every statement we hear about these beds from our customers is a positive one and as long as those comments keep coming, we will continue to love Mattress Mill mattresses.

John & Tillie L.

We had looked at Mattress Mill before, but decided to try a less expensive mattress at another local store. What a waste of our money! We had the other mattress for about two years and it was seriously breaking down. When we went back to the Mattress Mill, we met Stacey and he talked to us about what type of mattress we currently had - and what problems we were having with it. Based upon that discussion, and us looking at and trying a couple of the mattresses in his store - we purchased one of the air mattresses he recommended to assist us with the personal aches and pains we were experiencing with the mattress we had at that time.

We absolutely love sleeping on our Mattress Mill bed and have made the slow air pressure adjustments that Stacey recommended - and both of us sleep a fully comfortable sleep every night. We highly recommend the personnel and products at the Mattress Mill.

Jack & Michele D.

Oh my gosh! I have never loved a bed so much in my life! I love how you can try out a variety of different types. I sleep better and nap a little bit more now that I have a wonderful bed to go to. Great local company, and better price for quality work!

BreeAnna B.

Being aware of what traditional mattress companies had to offer, we went to the Mattress Mill looking for a special solution to our problem of waking up in the morning with neck and back pain. The knowledgeable sales people guided us to the perfect bed made specifically for us, which has alleviated our pain.

The delivery men are professional and friendly and respected our home by removing their shoes and maneuvering very carefully. We are thrilled with our purchase and we highly recommend the Mattress Mill to everyone.

Joe & Gina H.

We had you build an RV mattress with rounded corners 10 years ago. We use that RV a lot, and the mattress still looks and feels great!

Ron & Deanna C.