Giving you the Foundation for Good Sleep

If you don’t provide the support your mattress needs, it won’t be able to deliver on its claims. Your mattress is a big investment. A box spring will help protect it to make sure it lasts. Mattress Mill offers a selection of sturdy box springs that are key to mattress longevity.

Get the most out of your mattress!

Latex Support


Traditional Box Springs have been known to break down over time causing squeaks and poor support. At Mattress Mill, we manufacture our Box Springs with Semi-Flex units instead of springs. These steel supports are stronger and more durable than traditional springs, offer a solid surface for mattress support, and are a much quieter option.

We carefully handcraft and assemble the box springs at our Bozeman factory to ensure durability and comfort. We focus on well-rounded quality, from a sturdy wood frame and steel semi-flex units to the premium breathable fabric. You can rely on your new box spring to protect your mattress and provide you with a great night’s sleep!


A box spring is a necessary addition to your sleeping setup to provide support, reduce damage, improve airflow, and more! Box springs work best with traditional innerspring mattresses and our exclusive pocketed coil mattresses.

  • Support

    A box spring provides sturdiness by preventing shifting and sagging, and the semi-flex units within the box spring provide a solid flat surface to support the mattress.

  • Elevate Your Mattress

    Your bed frame was created with a box spring in mind. If you choose to pass on a box spring, you will probably feel very close to the floor. A box spring can raise your mattress higher so you can get in and out of bed easier.

  • Airflow

    Box springs are known for their excellent breathability. The hollow base allows air to travel through and around your mattress. Air circulation will help you stay cool and ultimately improve your sleep.

  • Reduce Wear

    Box springs are key to mattress longevity because they provide a solid, flat surface. This puts less stress on the mattress and reduces wear.


Beyond extending the life of your mattress, box springs and foundations help get your mattress further off the ground. Here are four things to consider when choosing a foundation:

Box Spring Box Spring


As we age, matching the total height of the bed to our own height and mobility becomes a bigger issue. The ideal total height of your set should allow you to sit on the edge with both feet flat on the floor.


An incorrect height can cause early breakdown of the mattress as you slide off the edge or use the edge to push yourself up into the bed.


How does the bed look with your other bedroom furniture? How does it fit against your headboard and/or footboard?


Some people like the look of a lower bed setup, and some people like their beds taller. If personal preference doesn’t interfere with the functional considerations, there’s no right or wrong answer.


Adjustable Support

An adjustable bed base can be a great therapeutic option for many health issues, like back pain or breathing problems. This motorized base allows you to adjust your sleep position at the touch of the button. These modern systems work with latex, memory foam, and zippered pocketed coil products.

Platform Frame Support

Increasingly, frames are made with a built-in platform on which to place the mattress. While less breathable, they can offer great support for your mattress. Just make sure there is some sort of center support leg, and if it is built with slats, make sure the gaps in between are no more than 3 inches wide.

$120 - $420

Dimensions Size 2" 5.5" or 9"
38” x 74.5” Twin $135 $195
38” x 79.5” Twin XL $150 $220
53” x 74.5” Full $185 $250
60” x 79.5” Queen $220 $295
(2) 38” x 79.5” King $300 $440
(2) 36” x 83.5” Cal-King $300 $440
Please email us for special sizes.
Foundation Types
9" Solid Box Spring
5.5" Solid Box Spring
2" Foundation
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