Mattress Size Information

The following is a guide to help you out with measurements, whether it be for figuring out what size mattress you currently sleep on, or deciding what size to purchase.

Mattress Dimensions

Twin — 38" x 74.5"

Best for a single sleeper.

Twin Extra Long — 38” x 79.5”

The same length as a King and Queen sized mattress, the Twin XL is a great choice when the mattress will be used by taller individuals. Two Twin XLs side-by-side equals one king-sized mattress.

Full — 53" x 74.5"

Often called a double mattress. While used in the past by couples, it is more commonly used today by an individual.

Queen — 60" x 79.5"

The most popular and commonly purchased mattress size. Best for two adults or one person who likes to stretch out.

King — 76" x 79.5"

The same length as a Queen mattress, but wider. Great for two adults who like their space—our customers tell us the added room helps them sleep better. King size mattresses are rapidly overtaking Queen size mattresses in popularity.

California King — 72" x 83.5"

Best for very tall individuals, or when you are wanting to maximize sleeping space but the bedroom is too narrow for the width of a King.

Mattress Size Chart