Mattress Mill is a one-stop shop for getting your bedroom or guest room set up and ready for sleep. Check out our accessory options for additional items you might need to go along with your mattress.

Bed Frames

No matter the room or the need, we have the right frame for your mattress system. We start with the Variable Steel Bed Frame, which appeals to cost-conscious shoppers who are looking for a frame for less intensive use. For those looking for a frame with improved strength and superior stability, look to our EnGauge frame – which is both solid and easy to assemble. The pinnacle of our frame lineup is the stylish emBrace™ frame. Also a snap to assemble and available in a variety of colors, this ultra-stable frame features a sleek, contoured design you'll never want to hide with a bed skirt.


For when you need a bit of lift or want additional storage beneath the bed. Placed under the Instamatic frame’s legs, the risers elevate your bed from the usual height of 7” to a height of 10”.


Our latex or wool pillows give new meaning to comfort. Latex pillows provide breathable, cooling support. For an All-Natural option, we offer cotton-covered wool pillows. These natural materials are breathable and naturally wick away moisture to help keep you dry and comfortable all night long.

Mattress Mill Pillowtop Accessory

A Mattress Mill original! Cover your existing mattress with our innovative Pillowtop to add a luxurious 2”layer of plush cushioning to the surface while prolonging the life of the top layers of your mattress.

Mattress Pads

Add plushness or protection to your valuable investment by covering it with one of our premium mattress pads. Choose from our Ultra Plush Mattress Pads, which add a thick layer of extra cushioning to your bed; Cotton Mattress Pads, made with 100% cotton fabric covers and poly fill; or our Premium Mattress Protector, topped with terry fabric and backed with the breathable yet waterproof Miracle Membrane. Tencel Mattress Protector, has a 100% Tencel top surface that has natural origins with soft, smooth fibers and is both air permeable and waterproof.

Mattress & Foundation Encasements

For your mattress, the Allerzip cover zips over the mattress to reduce allergens and protect from spills. This system ensures the encasement won't slip and defends your mattress against a bed bug invasion with an impenetrable barrier.

Sheet Sets

Accessorize your mattress with the luxury of Quality Time Linens’ 100% cotton, 300 thread count sheet sets. Manufactured in the USA from domestic fabric. Available in cream and white.